Angular Training Courses

Angular Training Courses

A new way of creating web applications using what is called as Single Page Application (SPA) is getting widely adopted from last few years. Google developed Angular JS to simplify the front-end development especially the DOM manipulation. The key advantages of SPA are

  • Single page applications are easy to deploy in production.
  • Improved user experience
  • Web application feels faster in response

Responsive web development, mobile-first are the key trends in web development.  With HTML5, and Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks started gaining ground. You will see many such frameworks. If you quickly go through the postings done on jobsites Angular JS, Node JS and React JS would top the position.

Same is being indicated by the stackoverflow developer survey report of 2018. Giving popular developer profile, programming language, frameworks in use, Databases in use.  Here full stack technologies like Node JS, Angular JS, React JS win hands down.

Job Opportunities

Our internal placement data showing that year on year opportunities in Full Stack Application Development are growing rapidly.

Technologies for Full Stack Application Development

Key Technology componentShort Description
HTML5Create Java Web application Client Side Scripts
CSS 3Responsive User interface
JavaScriptResponsive User interface
BootStrapResponsive User interface
Angular JSCreate responsive Web App
Node JSServer Side framework
React JSResponsive User interface
Express JSServer Side Service creation
PHP/Servlet JSP/ASP.NETServer side framework
MongoDBNO SQL database
Phone Gap/IonicHybrid mobile app development framework

Course Overview

Angular JS

Angular JS is created using reduced jQuery library. Angular JS provides a Model-View-Controller(MVC) framework to easily implement web applications. There are competing frameworks Backbone, Amber, Meteor etc. So far Angular JS is the most popular and easy to use framework amongst equals.

React JS and Redux are other two frameworks which are gaining popularity.


Node JS

Node JS is a Javascript development framework based on Google’s V8 engine. With Node JS on server-side, Javascript is used from client to Server or end-to-end. Node JS web servers are easily scalable as they are based on a unique event handling logic for processing web requests. This framework is easy to  extend and deploy.



Classically most of the web applications were using RDBMS such as MySQL , POSTGRE etc. These RDBMS databases can store structured data only and are very inefficient when it comes to storing non-structured data like images, comments on social media, blogs etc.

To store such non-structured data, No-SQL databases came into being. MongoDB is one of such popular No-SQL database. It uses JSON( Java Script Object Notation) rather than rows and column to store data. It provides an excellent backend for high traffic websites. MongoDB is easy to learn and scale by adding more nodes or what is called as horizontal scaling.

Who can do this course?

  • This course is intended for participant who is a Graduate/ Under Graduate / Working Professional aspiring to do career as a full stack application developer with basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Undergraduate or Graduate students from computer background-BE(IT), BE (Comp), BCA, BSc (Comp), BSc (IT), BCS with basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Post graduate students – MCA, MCM, MSc (IT), MSc (Comp. Sci.) with basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Experienced professional with experience in server-side framework

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