• Thousands of jobs await women who accomplish this versatile training programme as only well trained NTT, PTT, NPTT teachers can handle primary and junior school classes (nursery to class 5) successfully.

• This vocational training helps our students to become professional teachers for schools across India spanning all boards (ICSE, CBSE, State boards) and mediums (Hindi, English, Vernacular/Regional).

• Merit of this course is recognized by the way of appointment of hundreds of our students at un-aided public schools of repute across India. Refer the Alumni list given on the Alumni page of this website.

• Many students seek admissions in B.Ed. after graduation. Aspirants of B.Ed. are unaware of the fact of job opportunities. About 7% vacancies come up for B. Ed. as compared to 65% for NTT. In fact, many of our students in the past have joined our NTT, PTT, NPTT institute, even after B.Ed. degree, for job opportunities.

• The un-trained in-service teachers from various schools are also joining this course, as these days, NTT, PTT, NPTT has become essential pre-requisite for teachers of primary schools and non-board classes (1 to 5) for sustenance as well as promotion.

• We have a very qualified, capable and laborious staff to identify the needs of the students and to train them under guidelines of our organization. Being professionals themselves in the field of education for many years, they also play a vital role in spotting the current trends in hiring in the education sector which help in the overall employability of our students.

• The course enables the trainees to tackle different types of children by understanding their psychology and rate of mental development. The process of Lesson Planning helps the trainees to teach different subjects in a systematic and planned manner.

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