Oracle DBA – Oracle DBA Certification Training Course

Oracle Database: Database Administration Certification (OCA / OCP DBA)

This course provides an exhaustive coverage of SQL, PL/SQL & Advanced PL/SQL.


Theory: 20 Hrs, Hands-on: 20 Hrs

Selection Procedure

Direct Admission


250 hrs


  • Fundamentals of Programming, SQL
  • Knowledge of Procedural or object-oriented programming would be an advantage.

Take Away: Can appear for Oracle Developer Certification Exams

Oracle DBA Certification course is valuable for Database Administrators, database designers, data warehouse administrators and support engineers.

Objectives: Oracle Developer, you will learn

  • Oracle Database : Introduction to SQL training will help you to write sub-queries, combine data from multiple tables using joins and set operators, generate report containing aggregated data using group functions through hands-on labs.
  • Oracle Database : Administration Workshop will help you to understand the Oracle database architecture and processes, manage an Oracle database instance, configure the Oracle network configurations, create and manage storage structures, move data, create and manage users, manage database performance. You will acquire set of skills that are required for working as an expert DBA through hands-on labs.
  • Oracle Database: Backup and Recovery Workshop will help you to develop appropriate backup and recovery procedures to address your business needs, configure backup and recovery settings and perform backup operations using RMAN, implement database recovery procedures to recover from media and other failures, diagnose and repair data failures, use Flashback Technologies and database duplication for effective backup and recovery procedures, ensure maximum availability of your database with the help of appropriate backup and recovery strategies. You will acquire set of skills that are required to protect database against various failures and recovery of database as an expert DBA through hands-on labs.


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