What is Nursery & Primary Teacher Training (NPTT)?

Teachers have a great responsibility in today’s society. They are shaping up future minds and having the right kind of teacher for your child helps in the long term. Some would argue that great teachers are born. But in reality, it takes a lot of training and education to reach that stage. 

Today many institutes offer diploma and certification courses in Nursery and Primary Teachers training. These courses provide essential skills like communication skills, ability to practice patience, friendly nature, enthusiasm, etc.

Most universities that offer programmes on Nursery and Primary Teacher Training do not require much as an eligibility criteria. There could be an entrance exam to gain admission to the programme. 

The programmes are usually short term and can be expected to run for a maximum of two years. It is also worth noting that some institutes that offer nursery and primary teacher training programmes could ask for prior work experience in the same field.

Nursery and Primary Teacher Training Eligibility Criteria

  • Education: The only education criteria that applicants need to have is that they must have passed their 10+2 level examinations successfully with at least 50% marks or its equivalent GPA. The prior educational certificates must be from a recognized board.
  • Age Limit: Nursery and Primary Teacher Training courses do not have any age limit. Applicants can apply right after passing their 12th class examinations or even applicants with masters or bachelor’s degree can apply to study.

Nursery and Primary Teacher Training Admission Process

The admission process has been made easy by institutes offering the course. Applicants can apply online and also in person by walking into the campus. For applicants who are distant, being able to apply online is especially a boon as it would save a lot of time. They can also upload all their documents online and even pay their fees online.

The admission process is both merit-based and also on the basis of an entrance exam is some universities. 

Nursery and Primary Teacher Training Placements

Graduates will be able to secure jobs in schools as soon as they graduate. Institutes provide placement help to applicants by training them with interview skills, help with the students’ resumes, and connecting with industry experts. Some institutes also make students aware of any openings in nearby schools so that applicants can apply there.

These courses are highly employable and graduates will have no problems finding suitable jobs. 

Nursery and Primary Teacher Training Syllabus

All programmes are short term and various topics are taught during the entire duration. Some subjects taught in most colleges are:

  • Child Psychology
  • Child Care
  • Basics of Nursery and Primary Education

Course Syllabus


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