Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement

Promise of this course is to help strengthen your “C programming skill”. The C Training course covers C Programming language essentials such as programming techniques, decision making statements, iterations, functions, macros, 1D array, 2D arrays, pointers, dynamic memory allocation for arrays as well as structures, file handling and function pointers, and linked list.

Promise of this course is to help strengthen your “C++ programming skill”.  Individuals with a strong background of C Programming language step into object-oriented world with C++ programming language.

The C++ Training course provides an exhaustive coverage of OOPs concepts and C++ language with topics like Function Overloading, Operator Overloading, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Multiple Inheritance, Exception handling, Templates, RTTI, Namespaces, File Handling and Standard Template Library (STL).

The Java Programming course provides an exhaustive coverage of features like Object-oriented Programming, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Reflection, Standard I/O programming, File Handling, Generics, GUI programming with Swing, Applets, MultiThreading, Socket Programming, JDBC, Struts Framework, Web Application Component development with Servlets, JSP and XML.

New Horizon Computer Training Center is Gold Learning Solution partner of Microsoft and have also won award for best training service provider in .NET technology. We provide training on .NET technology and Microsoft .NET certification through New Horizon Computer Training Center vast pool of highly qualified & Certified dot net technology faculty. SEED Infotech is the leading provider of authorized Microsoft training classes provider.

Promise of this book is to help strengthen your “Data Structure skill”. This course provides exhaustive coverage of different data structures like lists, stack, queue, trees. Graphs, Hash Tables and their implementation. Application of these data structures is also covered.

To master Data Structure, one needs hands-on practice along with clarity of concepts. The course emphasis 50% of course duration on Lab practice and includes smart tips like Best Practice, Interview Tip, Group Exercise, Classroom Quiz to help increase your curiosity and help you to become expert with knowledge of peripheral concepts.