Career – Assessment

Career – Assessment

Making a right career choice is a daunting task. Hence, it becomes all the more important to select the right job oriented course after graduation.

Your future successes or failures are directly dependent on the choices you make. Often people end up making wrong career choices because of being unaware of their natural strengths and talents. The real challenge here is to identify these natural strengths, talents and abilities and then build a career around these to ensure successful professional life.

The Solution –New Horizon Computer Training Center Career Assessment Program in association with Dheya

Over the past 22 year, New Horizon Computer Training Center has been continuously helping individuals at every stage in their career lifecycle. Recognizing the importance of choosing the right career path in the early stages of the career lifecycle, New Horizon Computer Training Centerin association with Dheya Career Mentors (India) Pvt. Ltd. has come up with New Horizon Computer Training Center Career Assessment Program.

With a strong base of more than 21 reliable psychometric tests, 650 career streams and 250 educational streams, New Horizon Computer Training CenterCareer Assessment Program in association with Dheya is well equipped to guide graduates to make the right career choice based on their natural strengths and talents and build a robust career roadmap. Program Structure:

Assessment and Self AnalysisPsychometric Assessment
Orientation and Understanding BasicsIllustrative session
Knowing Personal Potential – Personal Strengths, Personality and Asset AnalysisInventory and Assessment
Knowing Aspirations – Personal Exercises ( Check lists – preferences, Future needs exercisePersonal Exercises, Research, Inventories
Knowing the Path- Career Planning- Creating Alternative Paths – Achievement PlanningPlans, Vision Statement, Success Definition

Program Features:

  • 21 reliable psychometric tests.
  • 650 career streams.
  • 250 educational streams.
  • Outstanding and well trained career development facilitators.
  • Personalized one to one sessions.
  • Participative and Experimental methodology.
  • No slideshows.
  • No Language barriers.


  • Clear Career Pathway & Focused Behavior.
  • Building Motivation
  • Achievement Orientation
  • Well Informed Career Choices.
  • Empowerment to choose an occupation and build a career around it.

For more information, please visit your neares New Horizon Computer Training Center or call on 9308309617 to book an appointment

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